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Rudy and Svetlana common passion for truffles comes from different paths...


Rudy, had multiple experiences and success in US with restaurant business and food industry for decades.

It’s funny that since childhood he had rather detested the pervasive smell of this precious and rare “diamond of the earth”, especially when he would open the fridge of his family kitchen in Rome.

Everything changed drastically when he decided to move back in Italy for family reasons. 

Back there he finally discovered his true love for this unique product when he started to work for a high end truffle restaurant/shop in Rome and subsequently decided to open his own Import/Export truffle company.

For Svetlana was “love at first taste”. 25 years ago she fell in love with truffles having a snack break on a delicious truffle “panini” in the historical 200 years old Procacci’s shop in the Florentine “Via Tornabuoni”. 

Florence became her home, thanks to the vibrant colors, warm culture, the incredible food and of course, Truffles.

Since she moved to the ancient splendid "city of flowers" she also gained many years of experience and success in the development of a franchise and brand management of the Ladurée French luxury bakery and sweets maker house.



The two truffle aficionados finally met working for the opening one of the Ladurée’s boutiques in Rome, where Rudy was the engine and primary consultant behind the entire project, and that’s how they first had the idea of bringing the full flavor experience with the opening of Oak Tuscan truffle lounge in New York City.


This can only be the beginning of their  path, as they would love to introduce as many people as possible to this antique exquisite Italian product all over the world.

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